Calculation of Vertical Metres

The total vertical metres of the group (Himalayan Odyssey Package) is taken into account. The daily vertical metres are also added to the persons who stopped skiing during the day. When the entire group (Himalayan Odyssey Package) stops during the day, the vertical metres performed are taken into account. However, if at the end of the week the group does not reach the 20`000 vertical metres guaranteed, the refund will be made according to the vertical metres that the other groups will have skied.

Additional Vertical Meters

You are free to stop or to continue when you have reached the vertical metres limit included in your package. The day before you reach the 30,500 metres limit of your package, your guide will ask you if you want to stop or continue skiing and pay for any additional vertical metres.

If necessary, the groups will be reformed to accommodate the participants who have chosen to continue skiing. For every day on which the helicopter does additional vertical metres, we will charge a minimum of 3,000 vertical metres per person.

Calculation of Vertical Metres