Low guest to guide ratio

Guides, Helicopters and Lodging


The safety of our guests and staff is the primary concern of Himalayan Heli Adventures. Guides, Helicopters and Lodging

HHA operates with the lowest guide-to-guest ratio in the world (1:4) and with a maximum of 15 skiers at any one time. Our guides are Internationally Certified and experienced heli-ski professionals. They have emergency medical skills and are experts in snow safety, rescue techniques and mountain travel . All have worked with heli-ski operations worldwide. Our low number of guests allows us to provide a level of security not normally available. Each guest will be given an avalanche transceiver , and will be instructed on its use at the beginning of each week. The guides carry extensive rescue and emergency gear and are equipped with radios for communication with the helicopter and base.

Note that the danger of avalanches is always present. The conditions that create potential for avalanches are complex and incompletely understood. Our guides are highly trained at forecasting and avoiding areas of high avalanche danger, but this is a constantly changing phenomenon, you must be willing to accept all risks associated with skiing in remote and uncontrolled areas.


Guides, Helicopters and Lodging HHA uses powerful Bell-407 and/or Eurocopter AS350 B3 helicopters supplied by our Indian partners. These machines, maintained by our Swiss engineers , are in excellent condition, and our Swiss pilots are the most experienced mountain pilots available. Emergency back-up support is available ex operations base or is supplied from the nearby Indian Air Force.


For many people, one of the charms of travelling to Asia is being immersed in local culture and custom. However, for some the conveniences of home are never too close at hand. In an effort to please everyone, HHA has arranged lodging in the most comfortable hotels available. For your stay in New Delhi we work with selected top-class hotels , but will be happy to arrange bookings at any of the numerous five-star hotels in the city.

In Manali HHA has arranged comfortable mountain lodging for our guests (http://manuallaya.com/index.htm) .The hotel contains a restaurant and bar, and the food is hearty and excellently prepared. Our garden-side heli-pad is only 30 m (100 ft) from the guest rooms. All rooms are individually heated with private baths and comfortable beds.

Guides, Helicopters and LodgingThere is also plenty of hot water, bottled water and electricity. The hotel has the capacity to operate completely independent of mains electricity supply. Facilities include a health club ( sauna, steam room, spa, massage therapist and a weights room), bar, billiards room, children’s’ play room, convention hall and shops.

HHA hires its own chefs to cook and to supervise the food preparation. All water in the hotel is specially purified for your protection. The cuisine alternates between European, Indian and Southeast Asian. We will easily cater for special diets providing we have advanced notice. As the selection available in the Himalaya may not be to your taste, we recommend that you bring any liquors or wines that you may require. The bar does have a reasonable selection of liquor, but very good wines or unusual liquors will not be available.