Kullu Valley

Long, long ago, before the current age of Kaliyug—the last, “degenerate” age of the world according to Hindu scriptures—Himalaya Parvat (mountain) had a daughter who he named Parvati. After years of meditation and praying, Parvati became the wife of Shiva, the Hindu God of Destruction.

Nowadays, the Parvati river flows from the Himalayas in the modern-day state of Himachal Pradesh. Just to the north of the Parvati is the peaceful town of Manali. The “Valley of the Gods”, where Manali lies, is a mystical land of temples and goddesses; a place where snow leopards prey on the flocks of goats and the gods determine the proper conduct of life. The valley is a place removed from the frenzy of our Western world. Incense, temples, Tibetan monks, exotic curries: these are the après-skiing experiences of the Himalaya.

We look forward to welcoming you to the wonderful skiing and warm hospitality of the Himalaya.